Welcome. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is the power of your own presence. How attentive are you to your life experience? It is a gift of awareness you must grow and continue to cultivate. Vast and dynamic potential lies within the human body if you are willing to explore and expand.


My practice has done wonders for this growth process in my life- physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is important to find your own way and incorporate a “growth approach” that compliments your individual style. I offer an aray of treatment combinations to personalize your experience. BodyTalk, Yoga, and body work await your exploration.


It takes a lot of courage to live consciously, and I applaud you for seeking resources for a more evolved you. Fortify yourself with the outlets that speak to you. My primary role is to guide you in a journey of inspirational healing.


Expand. Engage. Nurture. Restore.


Live your highest potential.


Kelle Rock, HHP, CMT, CBP

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Body Work & Massage


I have been seeing Kelle for several months for massage and healing. She has a beautiful energy that is infectious and she puts you at ease through her massage, proximity, and words. She has amazing strength and I have never felt so relaxed and alive from a massage until I have seen her. I am always learning from her when I see her, she keeps in touch to help heal outside of the massage to make sure you have th skills and strategies to help grow as well. Overall, I feel Kelle is amazing and when you experience her you will feel the same, I am thankful she came into my life.

Becki R.

I have been treated by massage therapist Kelle Rock since March 2012. In that time, she has greatly relieved soreness in my calves, achilles tendons, hips, lower back, and hamstrings. I came to Kelle seeking relief for chronic soreness and tightness in my calves. As a competitive runner and cyclist, I need pain-free movement in my lower legs in order for me to compete. Kelle has been great in locating, treating and relieving the knots and tender spots in my legs. In addition, she has been a wonderful source of advice on stretching and exercising between visits, and educationg me on keeping fit and healthy. Since I started regular visits to Kelle, I have achieved or surpassed my running goals at distances from 5k to the marathon. I attribute my long stretch of running without injury to her regular massage treatments. She has also helped me overcome a bout of vertigo I developed as a result of a previous bike accident. I highly recommend Kelle Rock not only for her professional expertise, but also for her caring personality which makes her treatment that much more effective. I will continue her regular treatment as long as I am able to compete.

Bob R.

Kelle is simply the best. She came highly recommended and I understand why.

Gregg S.

Ok, Kelle is a miracle worker! I just jumped my first horse and I felt great! Zero Pain and I felt really strong again! Thank you!

Sue K.

The awareness and ability Kelle has to target my issues.

Jill W.


Barbara H.

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